The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

What is the MBTI?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment that provides information on how an individual interacts with their external environment, processes information, makes decisions, and approaches daily activities and time management. Interpretation of the assessment through competent group facilitation brings the results to life through exercises, discussion, and group activities, promotes a deeper understanding of how to apply Type theory to maximize strengths, and shines a light on blind spots.

The MBTI assessment has undergone decades of revisions and is used by companies around the world to meet desired goals. The tool is built on the theory of personality Type, initially introduced by Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung. Type theory can be introduced into an organization to support many functions and situations including effective communication, team building, leadership development, stress management, emotional intelligence, and decision-making. Our workshops are designed to approach type in a practical and meaningful way that allows each person to appreciate and understand how they express their personality Type in unique ways, and acceptance of others.

Personality Type & Stress

When under stress, elements of your personality become unstable, which causes the display of out-of-character behavior many people experience due to fatigue and stressful events. This fun and interactive workshop provides insight into how you are energized, process information, make decisions, and interact with your environment. Type dynamics is introduced to explain your personality type under stress and remedies to return to your desired state.


• Introduce concepts associated with personality development

• Understand the differences in our preferences based on personality Type

• Expand emotional intelligence in the area of self-knowledge and insight

• Develop an appreciation for different perspectives, while increasing self-acceptance


MBTI Virtual Teambuilding

Type Theory looks at personality through the lens of healthy behavior. This 2-hour workshop is designed to promote team cohesion, improve communication, and understand how to draw from the strengths of other team members. This is an interactive workshop that includes break-out group activities, polling, games, and discussion.

Maximum Participants: 20

Price: $2,000 (includes the cost of assessments)

Time: 2 hours

Format: Zoom

In-Person MBTI Workshops

We certainly don’t ignore the richness and necessity of face-to-face communication!  This 2-hour in-person workshop is designed to promote team cohesion, improve communication, and understand how to draw from the strengths of other team members. This is an interactive workshop that includes group activities and discussion.

Maximum Participants: 20

Time: 2 hours

Price: $2,500 (includes the cost of assessments)

*The price reflects the cost for the Phoenix area. Additional fees will be included for travel outside of the Phoenix area.

MBTI Coaching Sessions

Feedback sessions are recommended for individuals who want to understand their personality more deeply, regardless of the reason. Common reasons include:

Life Transitions

Stressful life events will cause us to reflect on who we truly are. If you find yourself in a season of transition or coming out of one, increasing your self-knowledge can help you navigate stressful times.

Career Change

Are you wanting to change career paths, and want to deepen your self-understanding to reach your full potential or gain clarity regarding your purpose?

Leadership Development

Self-awareness is the foundation of all leadership skills and fruitful relationships. Personal development is leadership development.

Fun or Curiosity

Maybe you took a 16-personality assessment for fun and want to take the official MBTI assessment and verify your personality Type with a certified professional.

Cost: $75 (includes the cost of the assessment)

Time: 1 hour

Master Practitioner Certification

We offer courses accredited by the Myers Briggs Foundation to help certified MBTI practitioners obtain their master-level MBTI certification. More courses will be added in 2024. Currently, we are offering the Typological Approach to Creativity self-directed e-course, designed to enhance your knowledge in creative expression based on personality Type.