Stress Management


There are common misconceptions about self-care that act as a barrier to functioning to our fullest potential. Some of these misconceptions include self-care being synonymous with self-indulgence, selfishness, or being limited to physical well-being, such as exercise, sleep, nutrition, and hygiene. This two-part workshop examines the role of unmet emotional and psychological needs in disrupting the self-care process through the lens of self-determination theory and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. 

According to self-determination theory, people must experience autonomy, competence, and connection to achieve psychological growth. Unfortunately, due to a variety of environmental, social factors, or economic factors, our neurological hardwiring may not support such growth. 


• Discuss the role of the stress response system in disrupting meeting our immediate needs.

• Develop a personalized action plan to target unmet emotional and psychological needs to increase healthy motivation.

• Distinguish between wants and needs and how each has a unique relationship to motivation.

• Examine the prioritization of need identification mastery in self-care and stress reduction. 

Pre-workshop Exercises:

Please take a few moments to identify your unmet emotional needs using the worksheet provided. This worksheet is for personal self-reflection only.