The Typological Approach to Creativity

CE’s:  8 hours

Course Format: Self-paced e-course; 6 months to complete

Course Provider: Resilient Workforce Solutions

Course Price: $ 199

Course Overview

 In the workplace, managers and leaders are tasked with the challenge of hiring creative individuals who possess the ability to solve problems with fresh perspectives. Fostering a creative workforce is more accessible to achieve with sufficient knowledge of the individual's creative process. Understanding how personality Types display creativity at the individual level makes it easier to implement creativity and innovation strategies from a system-wide approach.

Organizations that succeed in innovative strategies understand the value of creating a culture where everyone has opportunities to express creativity based on their personality Type. Contrary to most beliefs, creativity is only sometimes restricted by apparent constraints. Creativity can thrive in the most restrictive settings. Rules can shape and focus their creative efforts even further, resulting in new and surprising results. This course is designed to give practitioners the tools to help organizations, leadership, and individuals engage in creative problem-solving, simultaneously developing synergistic teams that confidently generate solutions and ideas aligned with clearly defined goals.

Creativity psychology has continued to expand since its research and focus since its inception in the early 1950s by J.P. Guilford. The Typological Theory of Creativity explores creativity from the nature vs. nurture perspective by asking the following questions:  Are individuals born capable of being creative? Is creativity something that is developed due to one's environment? Are certain personalities more creative than others? This course will explore the 16 Types and how each Type approaches creative thinking. Practitioners can practice using the tools, techniques, and strategies to draw creative processes from each Type individually and in groups/teams.

Course Objectives: 

·        Speak to leadership initiatives on system-wide approaches that work or block the creative process.

·        Increase knowledge that can assist practitioners in expanding an individual's creative capacity based on personality Type.

·        Understand how creativity is expressed by Type.

·        Explore the critical psychological and typological concepts of creativity.

·        Identify effective methods that encourage and energize creativity in individuals and groups.

·        Examine theories of creativity that support Type development in the areas of creative problem-solving with fresh perspectives.

·        Identify mental models that hinder creative thinking to replace pre-existing models.

 Course Completion:

 Participants have 90 days from the day of the virtual course to complete the exam. The exam consists of short answer questions, multiple choice, and true and false questions. Participants must receive an 80% or higher to pass. The exam can be taken as often as needed until a passing grade is received. Study guides and study materials will be provided during the course and covered by the facilitator. Once the multiple-choice exam is received, a certificate of completion will be emailed to the participant within three business days.