January In-person Lunch & Learn Event

"Silencing Your Inner Villain" Workshop: Cognitive Reframing Strategies for Positive Self-talk

In-Person Workshops

January-March 2024

Our workshops are held on the last Wednesday of each month at the Pacific Southwest Better Business Bureau Headquarters from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Events are updated quarterly. Individuals, teams, or organizations are welcome to sign up. The cost for one event ticket is $19.99 per event. Register early as seats fill up quickly.

January 2024

Silence Your Inner Villain

We will discuss five strategies to minimize negative self-talk from your inner critic. We all have one that needs to be put in its place. Silencing your inner villain is about identifying when hearing from a more positive inner voice is most beneficial for development, relationships, and overall well-being. Unfortunately, our brain is designed to scan the environment for threats for survival. Our automatic thoughts are programmed for negativity unless we train our thinking toward a more positive direction. This workshop will cover five strategies to draw from the inner, more powerful, encouraging voice that can direct us in a positive direction.

Feel free to bring your lunch and invite your co-workers for our first lunch & learn workshop of 2024. The workshop includes a pre- and post-workshop activity. We will attach the pre-workshop activity to your order confirmation email.

February 2024

Attachment Styles

We will discuss five strategies to operate from a secure attachment style. If you don't know your attachment style, you can find the link for the quiz on the event sign-up page.

March 2024

Self-leadership 101

We will discuss five strategies to achieve one's goals using the self-leadership framework.