Self-directed e-learning

Resilience and well-being begin with empowerment. Only you can decide your path and potential. Learn at your own pace. 


Positive Self-talk

Learning the art of positive self-talk can increase resilience and serve as a strength-based approach to dealing with life's challenges. Practicing positive self-talk is a skill that will ultimately determine how we feel and if we will reach our goals.


Needs Identification

The ability to distinguish between what we want and need is critical to our overall well-being. Articulating our needs is critical to the relationships we have with others. Knowing how to meet our own needs is a superpower. 


Clarity & Focus

A clear view of how our values shape our lives brings mental clarity. If our thoughts, feelings, and actions are not aligned, our self-concept may be out of focus. Clarity is a weapon to fight against confusion, self-doubt, and harmful relationships.


What is my personality Type?

Have you ever taken a 16 personality type assessment, but never had anyone explain to you exactly what those four letters mean? Take this free course to learn more.

Master Practitioner Certification Courses

We offer courses accredited by the Myers Briggs Foundation to help certified MBTI practitioners obtain their master-level MBTI certification. More courses will be added in 2024. Currently, we are offering the Typological Approach to Creativity self-directed e-course, designed to enhance your knowledge in creative expression based on personality Type.